Sunflower lecithin

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The company is a manufacturer of sunflower lecithin in Ukraine. Our team is conscientious and a qualified team of people with professional skills and deep knowledge, the goal which is the production of a quality product, the care of its customers, with individual approach to each. For fruitful work, we study and take into account all the requirements and wishes of customers, in the result. What we get a product that meets all the requirements of the end user.

Lecithin use

What is Lecithin

Lecithin allows obtaining stable emulsions in oil-water systems. This food additive (code E322) is widely used in the food industry in the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate glaze (for reduce their viscosity and as an antioxidant that prevents the aging of products), confectionery, bakery and pasta, margarine, mayonnaise, baking bakery and confectionery, wafers, as well as in the manufacture of fat-emulsions for the lubrication of baking forms and sheets.

Parameter Unit Value Method
Acetone insoluble % ≥60 AOCS Ja 4-46
Moisture % ≤0,8 AOCS Ja 2b-87
Acid Value Mg
≤28 AOCS Ja 6-55
Hexane insoluble % ≤0,3 AOCS Ja 3-87
Toluene insoluble % ≤0,3 DFG-Einheitsmethode
F-1 4c(04)
Peroxide value mEq
≤5,0 AOCS Ja 8-87
Viscosity (25C) Pas ≤17 AOCS Ja 10-87
Color Gardner
(10% sol)
≤13 AOCS Ja 9-87

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